Promo DND Bulk SMS Services for Marketing

Using promo DND bulk SMS service is an effective way to communicate with your clients. But there is a thin line between what is considered as spam and what isn’t. Therefore, the companies that use bulk SMS services for promotion needs to be careful about how to handle the tasks. A business should make sure that the direct communication system that it has built to address SMS marketing was constructed with the concerns in mind.

Why use Promotional SMS Services for marketing?

There are a few forms of communication available to a company that is direct and effective in taking the message and putting it in the hands of the right customers. If a clinic wants to keep the patients up to date about the doctor’s availability, SMS is the right way to do it. Promo DND Bulk SMS Service is a great way to achieve this. It is also a more cost- effective way of doing things. Here you can promotional sms service with Full-body check- up plans, monthly tests and many more.

SMS systems allow the sender to check whether a message is properly received or not. It is superior to the results that might be expected while leaving a phone message on an answering machine. The receipts of the messages can be tracked. They can also be fed in the data system in order to tie the performance of expected tasks to the messages sent. If the customers are not responding to communication, then it’s time to improve your SMS marketing tips and try something new.

How to use Promotional SMS Services?

First, it is important that the SMS campaign needs to confirm the strict legal guidelines. In many jurisdictions, unless a recipient has opted for the campaign and has an easy way to opt out, it is illegal for them to send messages. Always check for the legal issues in your area to see what concerns might affect the SMS communication method.

The first thing that you need to set up is opt-in and opt-outs the system. When you send the information and receive user information, make sure that you explain to the user how they are going to use the information. There must be an option to opt out of the campaign at any time.

What types of messages are suited in Promo DND Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS should be sent in a simple format. It is advised to limit the words in the messages that you send. One of the best SMS marketing tips is to keep the message short, crisp and informative. Customers like to receive SMS tips about a variety of things. If a customer has signed up for receiving the messages, they are already interested in your product or service. The biggest thing you want to do is to focus on the particular type of customer. Every business should focus on delivering value to the customer. For example, a garage can send messages to the clients regarding when their cars are due for the servicing.

Types of messages sent through Promo DND Bulk SMS Service:

  • Sending appointment reminders annually, monthly to the clients.
  • Foods and drinks special example sending the special offers from bars, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Sending offers and discounts coupons through SMS to loyal customers.
  • Sending competition notification example limited time special offers from bars, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Sending the status updates to the customers.

Choose the promotional SMS Provider

First, you have to choose the best promotional SMS provider that includes a way to plug in the modules to handle the SMS campaigns. The biggest thing that you need to do is to find a capable bulk SMS provider. This means that finding a promotional SMS service provider that can handle the huge traffic. SMSLAB is a promotional SMS service provider that can fulfil the needs of big as well as small organizations.

Discussing legal issues with your promotional SMS service provider is equally important. If the company’s approach sounds good, move along until you find a firm whose methods are appropriate based on your situation. Finally, you must check that the provider can actually deliver SMS to the cell phones in your target geographical area.

Integrating the promotional SMS service provider software

You will also need to see that the system integrates properly with the CRM and website software that you are using. For CMS like Drupal and WordPress, there will be a plugin for the major bulk SMS providers. Integrating the bulk SMS solution to your website is the cleanest solution. Even if the bulk SMS provider does not integrate with the website, it might be possible to use their interface for sending the message.

Sending the Bulk SMS

Once you are ready with your setup, it’s time to send the first SMS. Make the first message simple and explain why the message is being sent. There must be an option for opt outs and important thing to notice is to make sure that everyone who is receiving the message have permitted you to send the message. Once everything is set, you can start sending bulk SMS as a part of promotional SMS service. SMSLAB is a promotional SMS service provider that offers promo bulk SMS services to the businesses. Contact us for all your promotional, Promo DND Bulk SMS Service and transactional SMS services.

Bulk Promo DND SMS Service Key Features

  • SMS delivers to both DND / Non DND mobile numbers
  • SMS delivers to NCPR / NDNC mobile numbers
  • Instant Activation
  • No Declaration Required
  • Its DND Open Route
  • Unique Sender ID

How we can use Promo DND Services

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Integrate into marketing campaign

Integrate promotional SMS into your marketing campaign and SMS directly to your clients.


Reach to large group at once

Promotional SMS service allows you to reach a large number of people all at the same time.


Build Loyal Customers

Promotional SMS service is a great channel to engage and build good relations with customers.


Send invitation SMS:

Bulk SMS is a easy, fast & reliable way to invite all of your customers or family members at once.


Promote any online store

Promotional SMS is very fast & effective channel to promote your online store when you want.


Opt out Option:

The main benefit of promotional SMS is you will not be sending unwanted texts who uninterested.