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How Real Estate Agents Can Generate leads with Bulk SMS marketing

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Real estate industry is one of the most booming industry nowadays. From the beginning, the success of the real estate business relies on marketing and sales. To successfully run a real estate business, owners need a well-defined marketing strategy. Real Estate Agents Can Generate leads with Bulk SMS marketing is helpful for business.

Moreover, with the housing crisis and economic rundown, selling houses has become more difficult than ever. For a long time, the real estate agents have taken help of the print media for the advertisement stating that a property is available for the rent.

With the advent of the technology, these methods are no longer relevant, especially with the scarcity of time that clients have. Real estate agents have to take advantage of all the available marketing channels to get the results that they are looking for.

Bulk SMS marketing is one such channel.

Cold calling the potential clients is no longer a viable option people are busy than ever and do not have the patience to listen to your entire plan. With the help of SMS marketing, real estate agents can enable mobile marketing and mark their online real estate presence.

Real Estate Agents Can Generate leads with Bulk SMS marketing

Generate leads with SMS updates

As the opening rate of SMS is way more than the emails, you can choose a real estate SMS marketing campaign to generate the new leads. Real estate agents have to create an SMS campaign with the keywords like ‘Homes’ to which the people can respond. Moreover, you have to make sure that you have to make yourself more reachable.

Once the people are connected with you, you can send them updates about the new listings, properties, houses, price changes and anything related to real estate business. You can send anything which you think will benefit the business. This is an amazing way to keep the people updated and grow your influence on the people.


One of the benefits of mobile marketing is that everyone is having a mobile phone.

Due to this reason, mobile marketing can penetrate deep into the interiors and reach a wider audience. While every phone does not have the capability to access social media or even receive the emails, every phone has the capability to receive the SMS regardless of the build or make.

This makes bulk SMS marketing the most reliable form of marketing channel. This makes the real estate agents to reach a wide range of potential customers which can lead to a new sales opportunity.

Prospecting the clients

Bulk SMS marketing is the most convenient method to contact customers. With the help of Customer Relationship Management systems and AI, real estate agents are able to collect information on potential customers and the type of property they are looking for.

This helps the agents to create a profile for the customers for the sales and the prospecting purposes.

When there is something new in the market, agents can notify all the customer who is looking for a similar property.

Customers can now respond to the notifications. You can ask the customers if they are willing to receive a similar type of notifications. When a good number of customers have responded to the notifications, agents can now be notified via bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is more effective than email marketing. Because, clients may not be able to check the social media or the email, but SMS is opened almost immediately.

Appointment reminders

Bulk SMS is a great way to deliver more value to the customers as an agent. You can send your clients reminders of important appointments like showings, meetings, open houses etc. It will take you a while to set up the system but it will take off the extra daily load. You can enter all the important dates into the SMS campaigns, schedule the campaigns and enjoy good communication with the client.

Bulk SMS for Marketing

When the customer decides to buy the renting property, customers need to be informed at each and every step. This is where the bulk SMS service comes into play. Real estate agents can send updates to the clients in the entire purchasing cycle. This keeps the customers aware of the entire process. Bulk SMS tools can be used to update the clients on the progress of their properties.

Rent Management

Reals estate agents have to deal with a large number of rental properties too. Bulk SMS services can help in the after-sales services and daily operations on the properties. For example, if there is going to be an electricity cut, agents can create a bulk SMS. This will help in informing the people in advance.


In this article, we discussed how Real Estate Agents can Generate leads with Bulk SMS marketing. The SMS campaigns carry some great lead generation opportunities which agents can capitalize. Also, you need to choose the SMS services that are reliable. SMSLAB is a bulk SMS provider company in India that is providing safe, secure and budget-friendly plans to property dealers. This can help them to boost their bulk SMS marketing campaign success.

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