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5 Simple Tactics to Promote your E-Commerce Business

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If you look at the latest sales figures, E-commerce platforms are on the rise and growing at a good pace. You can apply 5 simple tactics to promote your E-Commerce Business. This growth has forced business planners and marketers to take the benefits of opportunities available. However, there are more challenges ahead and customer’s demands are forcing the brands to adopt more people-centric and rational approaches toward marketing.

Customers are not easy to engage. The average cart abandon rate is 69.2%. It takes persistence and a variety of marketing strategy to reach your audience and increase sales. The aggressive marketing strategies irritate the customers. The effective marketing techniques help in reaching the right audience to build familiarity and encourage the purchases.

In order to help you to meet the challenges, we are sharing 5 simple tactics to ensure that your website gets good traffic and business observes the steady growth.

5 Simple Tactics to Promote your E-Commerce Business

1. Spread Word on Social Media

Social media marketing is all about consistency. Posting at regular intervals that fit with your customer’s schedule allows you to frequently engage and reach buyers. You need not focus on all the social media platforms. Instead, focus on the platforms where your buyers are available.

You can track the performance of the platforms that your buyers are using the most with the help of data-driven tools like Google analytics.

Pick your customer’s favorite social media platforms and share the industry related news and trends to keep your account information useful to buyers.

Many small and large enterprises are using social media platforms to share the links of their websites and products. But keep in mind that too much promotion self-promotion can make your social media account less valuable and helpful to buyers. The recommended ratio is 80:20. 80 percent should be the industry news and 20 percent should be the promotional content.

2. Design a Unique experience

If you provide a great user experience, customers will tell each other. The word of mouth advertisement is better than any other advertisement. So, it is important to create a unique user experience. Creating a unique user experience comprises of three things.

  • Website user interface

  • User experience

  • Steps for the transaction to complete

Most of the customers leave an e-commerce website because of poor user experience. So, always make sure that your website is mobile friendly as most of the traffic comes from mobile and users can easily navigate between the pages to find the required content.

Another aspect is to design the shortest possible transaction journey. Developing the trust takes time and you can do it by enabling your new visitors to easily find and complete the transactions.

3. Go multichannel for more visibility

You can expand the reach of your brand by selling on multiple channels like Amazon, eBay or other niche venues. Marketplaces tend to gain a higher amount of traffic than a single online store. Each channel has a unique set of site visitors who may not have encountered your online store.

You can reach these potential buyers by spreading your products and brands across multiple channels. After the customers are exposed to your products, these buyers are set up to develop brand loyalty and explore more products on your online store.

4. Improve SEO Experience

One of the problems that online E-commerce store face is having less traffic than majorities of the marketplace like Amazon and eBay. You have to optimize your online stores to receive more visits by using SEO keywords into your product listing titles and descriptions.

You can drive more traffic and boost the sales of the online store by including the frequent search terms into your website. Identify the SEO keywords by using tools like Ahref, Amazon or Google. Once the keywords are identified and included in the product description, you can measure the success of your SEO strategy. You can also check the acquisition report of the Acquisition section to see which organic search keywords are leading to increased traffic and improved sales.

5. Create a Blog

E-commerce stores have launched their blogs to provide valuable content and build trust in their brand. The blog content can be posted and shared on social media platforms and can drive traffic through search engines also.

You can collect the frequently asked questions of your customer support team and get the ideas of what to write. When framing the blog ideas, you can also consider the lifestyle of your typical buyers. What are their needs and requirements and what are they looking for.

You can also add the visualizations like images and videos to your blog to make your content clear and more exciting for the audience.


With the E-commerce growing competition amongst sellers, putting the effort in your online store marketing is more important than before. You need to implement the tactics over different channels that all need to be checked continuously.

The results won’t come instantaneously and you have to wait until you get the best results. Using a diverse set of tactics increase your chance of marketing success. If one strategy fails, you have to rely on a diverse set of strategies to increase your success rate.

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