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How Bulk SMS Marketing is Important For Real Estate Industry

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In the previous blog, we have studied about what the Bulk SMS Marketing is and how it is important for your business. Now we will look- into the deeper side of this blog i.e. we are taking a special case of Bulk SMS Marketing is Important For Real Estate Industry. Nowadays, Real Estate is one of the major growth sectors in India. Each person has its own dreams about their houses and any other project of real estate. So, we can say that this industry attracts a large number of investments and also promises a large number of returns on investments. So people who are involved in Real Estate industry must take proper steps in marketing campaigns. There is a need for a solution that will help the property agents to TURN QUERIES INTO THE SALES. And the solution is BULK SMS MARKETING. This is the best way to draw the attention of the audience whether you are a manager or property agent, doesn’t matter.

Bulk SMS Marketing is Important For Real Estate Industry, it helps in reaching the audience without much investment and is much more effective than other social media options like Facebook, e-mail, e-commercials etc. Bulk SMS Marketing in the real estate industry has highest open rate than all other marketing campaigns. Sending single SMS’s to the customers is outdated. Bulk SMS Marketing is Important For Real Estate Industry and allows the estate agents to send bulk messages in a shot, and to initialize and maintain their online presence in real estate. So, Bulk SMS Marketing is the best marketing campaign amongst all.


Now let’s discuss the importance of Bulk SMS Marketing for Real Estate industry in detail:


In today’s world almost everybody has a mobile phone and every mobile phone is provided with the feature of SMS without any doubt. So this marketing campaign can cover every individual regardless of any discrimination. And as we specified earlier that Bulk SMS Marketing for real estate industry has highest open-rates, that ranges between 98%-99%. So it is the best option for marketing.


Bulk SMS Marketing cannot only be used for promotions, but the estate agent can also let the client know about the progress of their homes. We can also integrate the CRM software with SMS Marketing to take out the major benefits of sales support.


SMS Marketing system allows you to schedule multiple campaigns easily, that can be run either on the same group of clients or different simultaneously. You can also schedule the date and time of campaigns. It is a very short-term process, as there is no need to plan and then execute the creation of content schedule.


Bulk SMS Marketing provides you the feature in which the estate agent can track the open rates and also the response rates of the clients. This tool gives this detail in the form of facts and figures which is again a plus point of this campaign.


SMS Marketing tool allows to send SMS to the groups that include a limit of number characters in the single message. So, there is the inclusion of very fewer efforts in creating the content of the SMS and hence will take less time to create SMS.


As SMS Marketing provides the feature that can tell you the response rate, along with that you can build the customer’s database. With this, you can get the idea about the number of clients that are actually willing in buying or renting any property.

Bulk SMS Service for Real Estate


SMS Marketing allows you not to include only alphabets in the message but also the URL’s. The estate agent can provide the link to their site, where the client can get the details of every property.

So, with these numerous benefits, it is a very good deal for the real estate agents to activate their offers and programs with the help of BULK SMS MARKETING.

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