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Send Latest Collection of Clothing to Regular Customers With Promotional SMS

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Do you want to Send Latest Clothing to Regular Customers With Promotional SMS Service? SMS marketing is a useful tool that can help the clothing and apparel brands to reach out to their customers. Almost every individual is now having an access to the cell phones. Sending SMS is the most practical way to reach customers where they are. Online businesses like clothing and apparel industry can use SMS marketing for a variety of purposes like promotions, sending notifications, and offering customer support.

E-commerce businesses who are using SMS marketing have an edge over the businesses who are not. E-commerce businesses fail to communicate over the text messages but customers have a positive image of businesses who use text messages. A good SMS campaign can help the businesses to build loyalty among the customers.

Send Latest Clothing to Regular Customers With Promotional SMS Service

Online apparel stores can send regular updates to the clients of the regular updates, fresh arrivals, offers, and discounts etc. They can also choose SMS as the preferred channel for customer support. Let us have a look at how online stores can promote their businesses with E-commerce stores.

Send Latest Collection of Clothing to Regular Customers With Promotional SMS

Customer Support

SMS marketing is a popular communication channel for the businesses who are using it as an alternative to the emails and phone calls. Customers can directly communicate with the customer support representatives. Customers are more comfortable texting as compared to the live chat.

Reminders about the unfinished orders

Online apparel stores can send messages to customers who have left their carts abandoned. You can give them offers and discounts on the items added in the cart. This can encourage the customers to purchase the items from the cart. Sometimes customers need just a push to purchase the items they just left in the cart.


E-commerce stores can send notifications to the clients to alert the customers of the possible arrival dates, payment confirmation, offers, and discounts etc. This helps in creating an omnichannel communication when the online and offline mode is combined. This can help in boosting the customer experience.

Time-sensitive updates

Online E-commerce stores can send offers and discounts especially short-term codes to the target customers using SMS service. It is effective, especially for short-term activities. As it can be pretty gross to see an email with a promo code that is about to end. Online clothing stores can perform flash sales that can increase their sales considerably. The promo codes also help you to determine how much promo codes were sold and how many buyers participated in the sales.

Loyalty Programs

E-commerce stores have to collect data about customers. They have to make maximum use of that data. E-commerce stores can use the data for birthday reminders, important event wishes like anniversary etc. Customers feel special if you wish on a special occasion and a personalized experience is established. You can offer exclusive discounts to your customers on these occasions and it will definitely help you to increase your sale.

Conducting surveys

When your online business starts growing more and more audience engage with your brand. Every customer has their own opinion about your brand. Customers are the one who knows your product best because they are the end user and know your products and services very well. In order to get the feedback, E-commerce stores can conduct surveys. Put the questions which you think is important for your business. Analyze the feedback and work on improving the weak points.

Write great content

SMS messages have the limitation of a number of characters you can send in the message. Therefore, make sure that the message you send should be effective and to the point. It is important to write a great content for bringing more sales and more conversions. You can make use of the following tips:

  • Include the name of the customer for a more personalized experience.
  • Add your company name so the customer is well aware of whom they are getting the text messages.
  • Include the user’s personal information as long as it is relevant to your message.
  • Include a call to action in the message. This is very important as you have to tell your customer what to do after reading the message. Remember, a message without a call to action is useless.


Text messages are a great way to increase the sales of the e-commerce business. You need to keep in mind the number of messages you are sending to the customers. Nobody in the world like to get a dozen messages daily. If you try to push things too far, the users will unsubscribe. For getting good results in SMS marketing, focus on quality, not on quantity. Now, with SMSLAB you can Send Latest Clothing to Regular Customers With Promotional SMS Service

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