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Top 10 Ways to use Bulk SMS for Manufacturing Industry

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Bulk SMS for Manufacturing Industry is very good for growing in business level. The manufacturing sector is one of the most crucial sectors for the economy of any country. The manufacturing sector has contributed a lot to the growth of any company. It is also known to be the fastest growing sector of all. In many cases, the manufacturing industry has a lot of opportunities that can increase company growth and also the country’s welfare. Indian manufacturing sector has played an important role in the development and growth of the country.

Do you know that Indian manufacturing industry is going to become 5th largest manufacturing country at the end of 2020? India has also become the most attractive manufacturing destination for countries around the world. So to keep up with the pace, more and more manufacturers are deploying SMS in their marketing. SMS is a powerful way to manage everything from supply chains to production lines and staff scheduling. It is an effective and budget-friendly marketing method that is gaining popularity.

 Bulk SMS for Manufacturing Industry

Let us discuss how bulk SMS service is helping the manufacturing sector to grow.

1. Product Launch

Manufacturing sector launches new products every now and then. They want their customers to know about their new launches and products. Bulk SMS marketing can be an efficient way to market the freshly launched product among the target audience. You can take the help of bulk SMS service providers to convey your message to the customers.

2. Dispatching status

When the customers order something online, they want to know the status of the time and delivery date of the products dispatched to their location. Customers want to know the status of their order which gives them a sense of contentment. Big manufacturers always make their customers aware of the order status. With the help of SMS, customers can track the orders easily and know the delivery times.

3. Future product notifications

Sending SMS is a great way to convey to the customers about the latest product launches in the market. You can create a buzz for your upcoming product on the market. This will create a new market for the product and will also engage the audience with the product.

4. Order booking

SMS service can also help in the additional order booking of the manufacturing company. If the buyer is interested in buying one service, he might be interested in buying other products too. By giving discounts on the combination of products, the chances of buying the products increases. The offered discount can be notified with the help of bulk SMS service.

5. Billing and invoices

There is always a physical bill available for every purchase you make. But if you send a simple SMS conveying about the bills and invoices, it will show a sense of professionalism to the customers. However it, not a life changing experience but it will definitely make you different from the crowd. This will keep your customers notified and build a good reputation of the brand.

6. Sending coupons and promotional codes

Who does not like to have promotional codes and coupon discounts? But how to convey discount offers and coupons to the customers? Coupon codes and discounts are an effective way to engage clients with the products. There are rarely any buyer species who would not like to avail 50% discount or buy one get one free offer.

7. Better communication channel

A proper communication channel is very important for carrying out the manufacturing process. Sometimes due to the lack of proper communication, there can be defects in the products. The defects in the products decrease the efficiency and if the customer notices the defect, it can hurt the reputation of the company. SMS can help in better communication among the teams. With the help of the correct mechanism, products can be dispatched without any trouble.

8. Sales notifications

If the organization has a good customer base, they are always looking for better offers and notifications from time to time. By sending the SMS to the customers about the future sales can maximize the revenue as well as the customer base. Manufacturing sector can attract a decent amount of customers by introducing the flash sale that would last for a few hours or a few days.

9. Secured Payments

Manufacturing sector deals with lots of sales and purchases. To keep the transactions secure and transparent, it is necessary to send transactional SMS to the clients after every transaction. This helps in securing the paments and customers get a confirmation message that their transaction has been successful and order is being processed by the company.

10. Improving team communication

Sending bulk SMS is a great way to make better communication among the teams. The manufacturers, technicians, and workers can better communicate with each other with the help of SMS service. Better communication also leads to lesser flaws and defects in the products.


Bulk SMS service can play an important role in the improvement of the manufacturing sector. SMSLAB is bulk SMS service providers that are offering low cost and efficient SMS services to the manufacturing sector. Get in contact with the SMSLAB team and include bulk SMS service in your operations and marketing strategies.

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