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Top 5 Advantages of Bulk SMS in the Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare is one of the most crucial sectors that has a direct impact on human lives. It is also one of the fastest growing sectors. To sustain and improve the growth, it is important to take steps that can carry forward the trend. Communication plays an important role in the healthcare sector. With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, they have become a major communication channel. There are so many reasons why SMS is a great way to communicate. Bulk SMS in the Healthcare Industry produces the best way to success. Some of the reasons are:

Bulk SMS in the Healthcare Industry

Effective communication

SMS is a more personal way of communication than any other communication channel. It is also found that SMS has a high opening rate of almost 98% of messages are being opened. Email is nowhere close to it with 22% opening rate. This is the reason for the rising popularity of SMS marketing.

Faster Response

When passing the information and getting the quick response is critical, there is no match to the SMS. SMSes have an average response rate of 90 seconds. As against Emails which have an average response rate of 90 minutes. You can also send a webpage link, click to call a phone number or you can get the response in the inbox directly if you have two-way communication service.

Simple Process

There is no complex procedure involved in sending the SMS. Anyone from the team can send SMS instantly. There is no need to design and code the message. This makes sending SMS easier than the Emails.


There is no need for the recipient of the SMS to have a working internet connection. Just a cell phone with basic functionality is enough to receive the SMS. Thus, the message will reach the staff members or the patients if they are having a cell phone with basic functionality and a good signal strength.

Healthcare industry is widely using the bulk SMS service to enhance the level of communication among patient, doctors, and other staff members. Here we will be discussing 5 advantages of bulk SMS in the healthcare industry:

1. Organising and planning the Shifts

Organizing and planning for the shifts can become very difficult especially when the organization is large and there are huge staff members. Employing the nursing staff to call each and every staff member is an expensive way of using staff’s time. There has to be a better way to achieve this task. SMS is a perfect way to communicate with all the staff members. This can complete the job in minutes that would take hours to complete. Also, with the two-way communication, you can get the confirmation from the staff that if they are ready to take the shift or not.

2. Manage Appointments

An appointment fixed a few days or weeks ago can slip through one’s mind easily. This can happen very often of the information is not properly written down. This can lead to a missed opportunity to see other patients. This causes a delay in the treatment and wastage of time. Sending SMS to the patients as well as doctors in advance will remind them of the appointments they are having. This is a simple and cost-effective way to manage the appointments.

3. Patient Follow-ups

For some patients, a follow-up call is often needed to make sure that there is no issue with the treatment of the patient. It is also sometimes necessary to give important information to the patients. When you are running a big hospital, it is no easy to follow up the patients. When it is not possible to make so many follow up calls, bulk SMSes can be sent to the patients to provide them with the information they require. SMS is a more handy and quicker solution than making a call. If you are using a two-way service, patients can also respond back with the replies.

4. Planning Meetings

It can be difficult to arrange meetings, get-togethers and other events in a big organization. Often these type of information is circulated through Email which can easily get lost in the Email box. Sending the bulk SMS to the staff members will make sure that they all attend the meeting. This can also help in maintaining the attendance record for further reference. Just shoot the SMS day before the meeting to improve the attendance.

5. Sending Health Tips

Sending health tips to the patients is a great way to keep them connected with you. There are some common problems that humans face on a regular basis. For an example headache, stomachache, running nose etc. You can text common solutions to the problems once in a while so that you can create a bond with the patients. This also improves the brand value of the hospital.


Bulk SMS service can be used in a number of ways. Here we discussed the top 5 most common ways of using the bulk SMS in the healthcare industry. Bulk SMS in the Healthcare Industry produces the best way to success. SMSLAB is offering quality service in the domain of bulk SMS services that can enhance the doctor-patient relationship and also is beneficial for the healthcare sector from the point of view of generating maximum return on investment.

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