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Secure Text Message Service for Hospitals and Clinics

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Healthcare sector is one of the most crucial sectors that affect human civilization. Advanced technology is playing a vital role in taking the healthcare sector to the next level. But the healthcare sector is sometimes hesitant to change with the latest technology. You can secure text message service for Hospitals and Clinics with the latest technology. This is due to patient security and its resistance to change. But recently, hospitals and clinics are incorporating healthcare and e messaging in order to improve the communication between the patient and the staff.

One concern of the healthcare sector is to reduce the waiting time of the patients. Also, hospitals want to speed up the process of treatment in every possible way. The SMS text solutions have helped the patients and doctors to get the schedule of the appointments, reschedule the appointments, patient-doctor communication and many more.

Secure Text Message Service for Hospitals and Clinics

How hospitals are using SMS services

There is a lot of scope of the SMS service in the healthcare industry. Here we are listing a few applications that can be used in medical emergencies and can help the patients.

Share the personal health data

Doctors can share important information with the patients. Doctors can share information regarding medications, treatment procedures, meetings and appointments, and precautions. This will help in the speedy recovery of the patients. This will also save a lot of time of the patients as well as doctors.

Sending appointment reminders

SMS services is a great way to remind the patients as well as doctors about the appointments. This will reduce the chances of missed appointments. Patients will get the speedy treatment and hospital resources can be used in a better way. Sending SMS is an optimized way to remind the patients about the appointments. As calls to a large number of patients are not feasible sometimes.

Reminding patients to renew medical prescriptions

You can remind the patients to renew their medical prescriptions with the help of bulk SMS services. You can also send personalized messages to patients with the help of SMSLAB services.

Improve internal communication

SMS service is not only beneficial for the doctor-patient interaction but also for the internal communication among the staff members. To receive the SMS you just need a basic cell phone. There is also no need of internet connection to receive the SMS. Internal hospital and clinical staff are greatly benefitted from the on-time SMS delivery of the notifications.

Medical Emergencies

SMS services can be helpful in medical emergencies. At the time of emergency, each and every second is crucial as it can make a difference between the life and death. Sending SMS alerts can help doctors as well as the patients at the time of emergencies.

Benefits of SMS in Hospitals

Communication in the medical sector has improved a lot by using SMS services in the medical industry. This can be a difference between the life and death of the patients. There are many benefits of using SMS service in the medical field. Some of the benefits are discussed:

Saving Money for hospitals

There is a huge loss on the hospital part on every missed appointment. Doctor’s time is crucial and it takes a lot of funds to reschedule the appointment. This leads to wastage of funds for hospitals as well as the patients. With the help of SMS, patients, as well as doctors, can be informed about the date and time of the appointment.

Reducing the waiting times

SMS services are helping the doctors, as well as patients, reduce the waiting times. Text messaging software has helped in reducing the ER waiting time to a great extent. Also, SMS services have helped the hospitals to attract new patients. By sending valuable information to the patients, they will get to know that you are providing good services in the healthcare sector and patients would like to visit your hospital for better treatment.

Improving the patient-doctor relationship

SMS can also help in the better interaction of the patients as well as doctors. This will also help in building a strong relationship among the patients as well as the doctors. Doctors will be able to provide more personalized treatment to their patients. A good doctor and patient relationship are also beneficial for the growth of the hospital.

Increase the productivity

The productivity has also gone to the next level with the help of SMS services. Doctors and nurses are now communicating with the messages which are an effective and easy way of communication. The medical messaging has replaced the old-fashioned pagers.

Raise the awareness

Hospitals and clinics can raise awareness about the deadly diseases among people. Doctors can alert the people on time about the symptoms and precautions of the life-threatening diseases. This can lower the risk of diseases and people get sensitive and important information on behalf of the doctors.


Bulk SMS services can do wonders for the healthcare industry. There are many other applications of SMS services in the healthcare industry. By intelligently figuring out those applications, the current situation of the healthcare can improve drastically. SMSLAB is offering low cost and effective solutions to the medical industry. If you own a hospital or a clinic, you can too take the help of SMSLAB for bulk SMS services.

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