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How to Promote Training Batches via Bulk SMS Marketing Service

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Bulk SMS service is widely used in schools training batches. You can easily promote training batches via Bulk SMS Marketing Service. They are an effective and economical tool for communication among parents, training institutes, and students. After the regulation that absent student’s parents are to be notified about the absenteeism of their ward, SMS service has come out to be a cheap method of communication.

People nowadays are stick to their mobile phones round the clock. Also, students state that they consider SMS to be the most important feature in their mobile devices. Bulk SMS service is the best choice for training institutes to market their programs and communicate with the parents and students directly.

Promote Training Batches via Bulk SMS Marketing Service

Training institutes can take advantage of bulk SMS services to promote their programs and courses. Let us have a look at how:

Invite students

Bulk SMS service can be used to invite the students to join the courses offered by training institutes. Training institutes can send messages which mention the date, duration, and other details of the courses offered. You can also offer a discount on the first few seats. This will encourage the students to take action.

Market the Results

Bulk SMS marketing is an effective way to market the results of successful students. You can advertise the name of the students who have topped in the results. You can also share their success stories and tell them how your institute helped them in getting that rank. This will increase the brand value of the training institute and more and more students will be enrolling in the training programs.

Job/Employment training

If you are an institute that deals with training in the employment and job-related courses, you can market your institute with the help of SMS services. Collect the phone number of the students who have recently completed their graduation or postgraduation. Suggest them the most appropriate course they can have to enhance their skills. Tell them how they can be benefitted from the course and they can land a good job for themselves.

Scholarship Programs

Training institutes can run scholarship programs for the students. Training institutes can advertise themselves by keeping scholarship programs for top-performing students. For example, exempting the fees of the top 5 ranking students in the training institute entrance test. You can advertise the scholarship program with the help of bulk SMS services. This will pull a large amount of crowd to take admission in the training institute.

Flash Discounts and coupon codes

Training institutes can give flash discounts and coupon codes to the students. Flash discounts have an expiry date and they do not apply after a certain date. This can also help in boosting the number of registrations as students want to avail of the discounts. Training institutes can advertise their flash sale programs to students and teachers via bulk SMS services.

Two-way communication

Not only institutes reach out to the students. Students also reach out to the training institutes to get their queries answered. Students have a lot of queries about the institutes like course information, duration, number of hours, and the fee structure. They can send SMS to the institutes regarding their doubts. In the same way, institutes can reach to the students and answer their queries. Therefore, two-way communication can help in a better institute-student relationship.


Training institutes can send a personalized text to the students. Not every student is equal. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Mentors have to take care of each and every student to maximize the potential of the student. In this way, the students feel special and try to push harder for the results. This is beneficial for the training institute as well because the results of the institute will improve.

Rewarding the Performance

Training institutes can send bulk Sms to their students informing them that the institute will reward the top-performing students. This will motivate the students to perform well in the exams and training. They will take an interest in the training and try to improve their performance. This will improve the brand value of the institute and more and more students would like to enroll in the training courses.

Keep updating the Students

Training institutes can send SMS to the students regarding exam notifications, upcoming exams, new job openings, and many more. Training institutes can also send information about the result declarations, new rules, and regulations using bulk SMS. This will help in keeping the students informed and the institute builds a reputation of being a trusted and reliable source of information.

Send reports to parents

Training institutes can send the monthly or weekly reports of the students to the parents. SMS service is a great way to keep the parents informed about the performance of their wards. This shows the concern and professionalism of the institute. This is one of the major factors to get more admissions and improve sales.


Many small and large institutes are taking advantage of bulk SMS services to promote their brand. By using bulk SMS service, they can bridge the gap of communications between mentors and students. SMSLAB is a bulk SMS provider in India that is providing low cost and quality services. If you are owning an institute and want to take services of the SMS service provider, you can take services from SMSLAB bulk SMS services like other successful training institutes.

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