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SMSLAB – Bulk SMS Service Provider In Chandigarh

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The mobile engagement has been on its peak for the past decade. Many marketers may consider mobile marketing to be dead. But it is still one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for any kind of business. At SMSLAB, we understand the importance of bulk SMS. SMSLAB is working as a bulk SMS service provider in Chandigarh. Bulk SMS gives a personalized touch to your customers and you can connect with your customers on a more personal level.

The internet, print media and social media are also some best mediums. But what makes bulk SMS so much impactful is the wide reach and high click-through rate. Almost everyone has access to mobile phones and the community is still growing.

To keep up with this type of growing community, businesses have to make bulk SMS marketing an integral part of their marketing campaigns. SMSLAB is one of the best bulk SMS service providers in Chandigarh which has added value to many marketing campaigns, election campaigns etc. We have offered our bulk SMS services to schools, fitness centers, real estate businesses, website promotion etc.

Bulk SMS Service Provider In Chandigarh

What is the importance of Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a is used to send two-way marketing text messages which are executed with the help of mobile. One of the biggest advantages of bulk SMS marketing is that it has the ability to reach almost every individual across the world. Not only it benefits your business reach, but it also helps you to improve the brand value, enhanced sales and improve the customer experience.

Do you know that 90% of people read an SMS within 3 seconds? Which means that the read rate of SMS is very high. Bulk SMS is not only beneficial for B2B and B2C but is also beneficial for commercial brands, private sectors, and government sectors. Chandigarh is one of the modern cities of India where everyone has access to mobile phones. Thus, you can consider bulk SMS as a medium to promote your Chandigarh based product and services. SMSALB is the best bulk SMS service provider in Chandigarh.

Who can take Benefits of our Bulk SMS Services?

No matter what business you are in or what product or service you offer – you should always consider bulk SMS for the promotion of your businesses. Some of the sectors we have worked with:

Real Estate: Real estate is one of the booming sectors in Chandigarh. There is a huge competition in the reals estate sector in Chandigarh. Real estate businesses need qualified leads in a short amount of time. To stand out from the competition, we have helped our real estate client to increase client engagement by 40% and sales by 30%.

Fitness Centres: We have offered our services to many fitness centers and gyms. The fitness clubs and gyms reported to have seen a growth in the memberships after using bulk SMS services. Fitness centers can use bulk SMS for motivating the customers to join the club, encouraging the customers to join a gym, informing about new program and classes, appointing the reminders, sending payment reminders and confirmations etc.

E-commerce business: We all are aware of E-commerce websites and almost all of us have been purchasing our favorite products through just a click of a mouse. E-commerce websites use bulk SMS services for sending a promotional offer, coupon codes, discounts to the customers.

Hospitals and Clinics: SMSLAB is the best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Chandigarh offering services to hospitals and clinics. Hospitals in Chandigarh can use the bulk SMS services for sharing the personal health data, sending appointment reminders, improving internal communication and sending messages regarding medical emergencies.

Why you should choose SMSLAB as Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chandigarh?

Cost: We are a cost-effective bulk SMS service provider in Chandigarh. Our per message cost is less than our competitors. The cost not only refers to the price of a single message but also to the setup costs and renewal cost. We assure you that we have the most competitive rates.

User-Friendly: One of the factors which are overlooked is the user-friendliness of the bulk SMS platform. We make sure that our platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Our platform is accessible and can be easily used by nontechnical persons too.

Easy Integration: Our SMS API is easy to integrate and has comprehensive documentation. This makes it easier for your developers to integrate the API to any programming language you are using.

Reliability: We make sure that our SMS services are reliable secure and agree with all the standard norms and conditions. We do not compromise with the reliability of the bulk SMS at any cost and assure instant delivery of the message.

High message delivery Rate: SMSLAB is a bulk SMS provider in Chandigarh which has a high message delivery rate. We ensure that most of our messages are delivered with minimal efforts, delays or complications.

Experience and industry knowledge: We are well aware of the industry regulations and the best practices. We are trusted, experienced and have established a presence in the market as the best bulk SMS service providers in Chandigarh.

Contact SMSLAB for all your bulk SMS related queries.

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SMSLAB is India’s trusted and online Bulk SMS messaging services in India. Moreover, We are trusted by various educational institutes, enterprises, hospitals, e-commerce businesses, finance organizations clients due to rich-feature solutions, no-delay messaging and low price SMS Services.

Our Bulk SMS Services are Given below:-

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