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How You Can Promote Your Business with Bulk SMS Marketing Service

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Bulk SMS Marketing means sending a large number of short text messages at once to the big group of recipients. It works similarly as the normal text messages sent from smartphones with the only difference that Bulk SMS is sent from the internet, desktop software using a reliable SMS gateway. Bulk SMS provides a two-way communication service directly from internet enabled computer. As we know that, India has the world’s fastest growing Mobile phone market, Promote Your Business with Bulk SMS Marketing Service is a very option. It allows you to make new customers and to maintain healthy business relations with the existing ones. Bulk SMS Marketing has major two types:


The SMS whose objective is to promote your product or service. It basically includes sales and marketing messages that are not at all requested by the customer.


Promote Your Business with Bulk SMS Marketing ServiceThe SMS whose objective is to keep the customers updated with the information that is necessary for using your products or services. It basically includes account balance messages sent by the banks, balance message after any transaction.

From above types, we can get to know that which type of bulk SMS you have to use and at which time. Now let us pay attention towards important points about how you can promote your business with Bulk SMS Marketing.


Nobody says “NO” to the coupons. It is the best way to increase the sale. We can forward these coupons through SMS Marketing Service. Ultimately, it will result in a rise in the number of customers and hence will in promoting your business. Let us take an example to discuss this. Nobody will purchase an item that costs 5000 INR. But the customer will definitely purchase an item that costs 10,000 INR before discount and 5000 INR after discount. So you will definitely take advantage of this feature using Bulk SMS Marketing.


You must gather personal information of all your customers and this feature can go a very long way. You can wish your customers by sending them wishes on their birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion and can also provide special discounts on these special occasions. This will definitely help you in promoting your business.


You can send messages to the customers by typing their name also. For e.g. “HEY Mr. X”. Nobody is the person who does not like special treatments. So you should send messages to the customers with their names and give them special discounts.


Limit of characters in SMS’s is not a disadvantage, rather we can make it as an advantage of SMS Marketing by cutting down all the bullshits and explain the text to the point. Make it simple and precise. For e.g. “Hii from XYZ Shop, here is your 50% off coupon as a gift for shopping last week with us”. In this manner, you can cut down the text that is not necessary and convert the SMS into TO THE POINT message and Promote Your Business with Bulk SMS Marketing Service


You can use Bulk SMS Service to promote your brand by making use of “Reminders”. You can use reminders for various purposes like “Launch of new product” or anything else. This will definitely promote your business.


You should always provide the link of your website in SMS. Promote Your Business with Bulk SMS Marketing Service as the customer can directly click the link and opens your website and can view your products.

Here, we are wrapping it up and you can use Bulk SMS Service to promote your business.

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  1. Hi, Marketing Techniques you explain is nice. Both Promotional and Transactional Bulk SMS service is used for communication with different purposes like Transactions SMS is used by Banks and insurance companies to send a lot of information to their customers. They inform the people about the credit card bills, transactions, and payment dues.

  2. In this digital world, we cannot see people without a smart phone, everyone from younger to elder has a mobile phone with them and uses it every time. So making use of Bulk SMS service will get you more customers.

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