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How Bulk SMS Service Works for your Business

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For any business whether big or small, brand promotion is at the top of the checklist. Marketers have to use all possible channels through which they can gain the attention of the audience. This not only helps in gaining the market presence but also improve the sales and profit of the business. One such channel is bulk SMS service. This is one of the most effective methods through which businesses can reach your target customers.  Bulk SMS Service Works for your Business to growth in the market easily.

Every individual nowadays is having cell phones in their pockets. This makes the bulk SMS service more effective than any other method like Email marketing or social media marketing as SMS does not require any internet connection or smartphone. Also in most of the cases, the SMS is having a high probability to be checked by the user.

Bulk SMS Service Works for your Business

Here we will discuss ten important things that every business should know about the bulk SMS service.

1. Timing is important

In bulk SMS service, timing is very crucial. For example, sending bulk SMS at the time of the festive season and reminding the customers about the discount you are giving can improve the sales of your business to many folds. Or a food joint can send the SMS offering 30 percent discount on the dinner in the late evening. This will definitely pull the customers towards the restaurant.

2. Keep the SMS content short and sweet

No one in the world likes to read long and boring messages. The user will simply ignore the message if it is too long or monotonous. The SMS content should be small and to the point. The SMS should be using attractive punch lines to attract the attention of the user. The SMS should be able to convey the message that you want to covey the audience. It should be clear and should not confuse the audience.

3. Guide your customers

There is no point in sending the SMS that does not inform customers what to do next. You should include a call-to-action at the end of the SMS so that your customers can follow you. You can include your website address or contact number so that the customer can reach you. It is important for customers to tell what to do after reading the SMS.

4. Target your customers

In SMS bulk marketing service, you should be well aware of your target audience. You have to be sure that you are sending SMS to the persons that are interested in using your product and services. This will ensure that your message is going to the right persons. This will also improve the conversion rate and hence improve sales.

5.Personalize the content

While sending the bulk SMS to the users, make sure that you personalize the message. For example, you can start the message with a user’s name. This will help in generating a strong bond with the user. The user will also feel special and more connected to the brand. This will also help in improving the success rate of the SMS marketing campaign.

6. Use shortcode in SMS campaign

Shortcodes are small and easy to remember sender ID. You should try to use shortcodes for the SMS campaign. This helps in remembering the ID and customer is more likely to revert back or have a communication in the future. It is a paid service and will cost you a bit. But for effective bulk SMS campaign, it has become very important to use the shortcodes.

7. Make the customer feel special

Everyone loves to feel special. Make sure that tell your customers that they are special for you. Send the messages that are exclusive to your loyal customers only. Give them exclusive offers as a loyalty bonus for customers. In this way, they will be signing up for your newsletter, visit your store or purchase from your website.

8. Use short URLs

The URLs that you are using in the promotional SMS should be small and related to your brand. Do not try to spam the user by sending fake links. This will have a bad impact on the image of the brand. The brand loyalty will decrease and also look very unprofessional. Always try to use short URLs and if not possible, try to use the services of URL shortening providers.

9. Keep the message frequency balanced

Always try to keep the message frequency balanced. You should not send multiple promotional messages on a single day. This will end up irritating the consumer as they are bombarded with many promotional messages. Keep the sending frequency of the messages to be optimal. Two messages in a month is a good rate to send promotional SMS.

10. Find the right Bulk SMS provider services

This is also an important part of bulk SMS campaign. There is a number of bulk SMS provider services available in the market. You have to choose the service which is most efficient in terms of sending bulk SMS across all the network providers and should be cost effective also. Smslab is a bulk SMS provider company that fulfills all your needs in this regard.


In this article, we discussed various things that every business should know about bulk SMS in marketing. Mobile handsets have a huge outreach and so as the SMS service. Various big and small industries have used bulk SMS service as an indispensable tool for marketing purpose. So what are you waiting for? Why not try the bulk SMS service in your business to leverage your sales? Take the service of a good SMS provider service company. You can also contact SMSLAB as we are a known name in providing the best bulk SMS service solutions.

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