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How Bulk SMS Marketing Becomes a Hero of Business Promotion

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Bulk SMS service is a great tool to give a boost to your online business. If you are not using bulk SMS as a part of your online strategy you are missing over half your target audience. Bulk SMS Marketing Becomes a Hero of Business Promotion in terms of reaching the target audience and improving the sales. Never forget that the best marketing strategy is to communicate with your target audience and get your voice heard. SMS marketing is a two-way communication that can bridge the gap between businesses and the customers.

Here we will discuss some of the factors that will make bulk SMS the Hero of Business Promotion :

Segment your Audience

Before carrying out the bulk SMS campaign, it is advised to segment the audience. Often complains are received from the customers that they are getting messages from the businesses that are irrelevant for them. So, to segment, the audience before carrying out the bulk SMS campaign is the best practice. To eliminate this problem, you have to integrate your CRM to the messaging platform which will autonomously send the right message to the persons.

Keep the SMS Short and Simple

The SMS sent to the users must be short and simple and should not be more than 160 characters. The SMS should convey the message that you want your customers to know. The content of the message should be precise and to the point. It should be catchy and attract the customer to check the content of the message. In this digital era, nobody has the time to read long and boring messages. Therefore to put an effective and long-lasting impact on the customers, you must use short and simple SMS as a part of business strategy.

Higher Click-Through Rate

SMS has been reported to have a higher Click Through Rate than Emails. The average Email rate climbs after 24 hours starting from the time of sending an email. On the other hand, 70 percent of the SMS sent in bulk are checked by the user in less than 60 minutes. Enterprises are making use of Bulk SMS more than Email marketing. For example, you have a regular customer that is not coming to your mall for a long time, instead of sending Emails, try to send an attractive SMS with an offer.

Bulk SMS has High Return on Investment

Bulk SMS Marketing Becomes a Hero of Business Promotion can give you high returns on low investments. Other marketing channels like newspaper, radio, TV etc are a costly method of marketing for the small businesses. But bulk SMS is a cheap and cost-effective method of marketing. A small investment in bulk SMS can give you huge returns. Businesses that have started using bulk SMS services have witnessed the improvement in their sales to a great extent.Bulk SMS Marketing Becomes a Hero of Business Promotion

Do Not Spam

There is a thin line between advertising and spamming. No one like to receive lots of messages from the companies repeating almost the same thing. Sending messages too often can irritate and bother the customers. This can also impact the brand value of the customers. Do not send messages too often. Also make sure that you are sending relevant, meaningful and good messages to the customers.

Use Short URLs

The URLs that you are using in the promotional SMS should be small and related to your brand. Do not try to spam the user by sending fake links. This will have a bad impact on the image of the brand. The brand loyalty will decrease and also look very unprofessional. Always try to use short URLs and if not possible, try to use the services of URL shortening providers.

Use Shortcode in SMS Campaign

Shortcodes are small and easy to remember sender ID. You should try to use shortcodes for the SMS campaign. This helps in remembering the ID and customer is more likely to revert back or have a communication in the future. It is a paid service and will cost you a bit. But for effective bulk SMS campaign, it is very important to use the shortcodes.

Make the Customer Feel Special

Everyone loves to feel special. Make sure that tell your customers that they are special to you. Send the messages that are exclusive to your loyal customers only. Give them exclusive offers as a loyalty bonus for customers. In this way, they will be signing up for your newsletter, visit your store or purchase from your website.


Bulk SMS Marketing Becomes a Hero of Business Promotion to provide customer experience. You can instantly convey your message to the large number of target audience on the click of one button. Sending the SMS at proper timings can further improve the visibility and click through rate. One more feature that is exclusive in SMS is that the SMS never get marked as spam as there is no spam folder in the SMS, unlike Email services. All the above features make bulk SMS a rockstar in the business promotion activities.

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