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How Bulk SMS can help business during COVID-19?

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Due to coronavirus, as no business or group is excused from the effects of the crisis, everyone is finding a way to broadcast important messages quickly.
Governments have also implemented strict policies of social distancing and complete lockdown in some countries such as Italy, France, India. A text message is playing a huge part in making this happen. SMS marketing service is the best service that sends any information about Covid-19 Coronavirus to employees, parents, students, every member of the company, school, or any industry very quickly. This is the easiest and reliable service.

So, here SMSLAB shares some helpful ideas to maintain your business as a normal routine:

  • Deliver information to anyone with real-time delivery report
  • Deliver SMS anytime that is 24×7
  • Time to Time reminder for online meetings
  • No Setup Fees

Bulk SMS campaign

Business continuity plans predominate during COVID-19. These can be tried and tested so that in cases of emergency you will be able to plan which suits your business and ensures that everyone will be safe and informed. Bulk SMS is perfect for this, you are able to send a text message to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people in a cost and time-efficient manner.

Text messages are perfect for updates, with high open rates you can ensure that people are receiving and reading your messages so important things will not be missed. You can also view delivery reports on sent campaigns to ensure that all contacts are receiving messages. You are able to easily upload contacts and divide them into separate groups as well as template messages saved on the system. This means that it is all set to go when it is needed, making it perfect for business continuity.

Choose SMS Keywords wisely

Although marketing campaigns have stopped for many businesses, SMS keywords are the right tool to ensure your business is ready when the world returns to normality. Keywords are an awesome lead generation tool. This can be a link to direct them to more information, such as a website.

If you are a restaurant or club that recently had to close because of COVID-19, you can advertise a person on your social platform that people can text, so that the updates during the closing be informed and be open normally when you return. Or it could be a keyword that provides auto-reply, including a link to their customized delivery options. This means that you are building a database of contacts so that you can become stronger than ever.


As a business, providing outbound messages including updates and information to employees and customers is important. Businesses can use the bulk SMS solution to send mass notifications, to stay in contact with employees and keep them informed about any changes or developments. However, it is also easy for people to be able to get in touch with you, to know the questions and concerns they ask.

Our SMS expert team is on hand to help with any questions or queries, so please do not hesitate to get up and running with SMSLAB!

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