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How Bulk SMS are Benefiting various Businesses

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In today’s marketing competitiveness, SMS marketing has come out to be as one of the most effective ways among all methods. Bulk SMS are Benefiting various Businesses. SMS marketing is boosting the performance of online businesses. It is one of the best ways to keep the customers in the communication channel. Bulk SMS marketing is an effective way to promote and sell products or services to customers. SMS marketing has helped many businesses to grow and improve their sales exponentially.

But in order to use this marketing tool, you need to compile the list of potential customers to whom you want to reach. Bulk SMS service providers offer software programs which can be used to create a text message template. This can be helpful in customizing the names of the customers. Let us discuss some of the benefits of the Bulk SMS:

  • Bulk SMS has a high opening rate as compared to other marketing tools. SMS has an opening rate of 98% and almost every message is opened within 10 minutes. Whereas Email has a low opening rate and there is a chance that the email you are sending will go into the spam box.

  • Bulk SMS is an effective and budget-friendly method of marketing.

  • Sending SMS is very easy. Anyone with a basic mobile phone knows how to send a message. But if you are looking to send bulk SMS, then mobile is not a smart choice. There are many bulk SMS service providers that let you send thousands of SMS through the internet.

  • SMS are having a high outreach as almost every person is having a cell phone.

Let us discuss how bulk SMS is benefiting various businesses.

Bulk SMS are Benefiting various Businesses

Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and nightclubs are the preferable entertainment spots for many. These are among the first places where bulk marketing was used. Bulk marketing proved to be successful for these businesses. One of the reasons for using bulk SMS for these services is that these methods are cheaper and more effective than any other marketing method. Bars and nightclubs send messages to the client sending them offers and discounts in the form of coupon code. They can also inform the customers about the latest events, parties in the near future.

Service Business

A service business can make use of bulk SMS services to market their services. Bulk SMS are Benefiting various Businesses examples of this kind of business can be saloons, fitness clubs, clinics etc. Services businesses have included bulk SMS marketing and this has improved their sales to a great extent. They can use bulk SMS to send flash offers the clients. This is similar to sending a coupon with some discount but the difference is that flash coupons have a deadline and they get expired in the few hours or days. This encourages the customers to consume the service or the product before the expiry of the flash sale. This will certainly boost the sales of the service of businesses.

Retail Stores

Retail stores are also taking benefit of the bulk SMS marketing to reach their potential customers. Retail stores can communicate with the customers to buy the groceries and other items from their stores. In order to do that, they can offer discounts to customers in order to attract the customers to buy from their store. Retail stores can send reminders to the customers if there is a new product launch in their store. Thank the customers after every purchase they make and make them feel that they are valuable to them. Offer them a discount on their next purchase so they are tempted to make a purchase from your store next time too.

Restaurants and Food Establishments

People love to eat and they visit restaurants every now and then to enjoy a good meal. Restaurants and other food establishments have been using bulk SMS services to allure their customers. They can send offers and discounts to the customers on their favorite meals. SMS timing is very important as this has a huge impact on the conversion rate. Sending SMS to the customer at lunchtime or the dinner time has proved to be more beneficial. Restaurants can also send information about various types of food they are offering, opening of a new branch in the city etc. Restaurants can also give discounts to their regular customers so that they would love to visit the place again.

Online Businesses

Online businesses are also benefitted by bulk SMS services in many ways. SMS service can be used to advertise the brand to a wider audience. Online businesses can send bulk SMS to the audience and invite them to go and check the brand website. SMS service can also be used for security purpose and two-way authentication during login. It can also be used to send OTP to the customers while making a payment. E-commerce websites can send fresh arrivals, end of season discounts, and various other discounts and offer to attract the customers. Messages have a high opening rate as compared to the Emails and therefore conversion rate is also higher.


When it comes to cost-effectiveness, maximum outreach, and effortless marketing, you should go with the bulk SMS service. Many small and large businesses have included an SMS marketing strategy and witnessed overwhelming results in their sales and customer satisfaction. SMSLAB is providing services for various businesses to leverage their sales and improve their customer base.

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