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Increase Leads using Bulk SMS Marketing in Automobile Industry

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The automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industry. Automobile industry consists of marketing, retail, and after-sales services. You have to Increase Leads using Bulk SMS Marketing in Automobile Industry. The new innovations in the automobile industry are keeping the automobile industry at the forefront. For the automobile buyers, one of the most important factors in shortlisting or selecting a car is the experience that they are going to receive during the entire purchasing lifecycle. Here we are talking about the customer interaction and user experience.

Increase Leads using Bulk SMS Marketing in Automobile Industry

There is a huge demand in the automotive industry due to the increasing per capita income of the people. Everyone wants to own a car of their own despite the rise in the prices of the vehicles. This has put a lot of pressure on the automobile industry as they have to meet the customer’s demands and needs. The automobile industry is expected to grow at a fast pace in the upcoming years. This has led to the entry of new players in the automobile industry and they are giving a tuff competition to the bigger players in the automobile industry.

To pull the customers and to cope up with the growing competition, automotive industries are using various mediums to interact with the customers. SMS service os one of the best marketing techniques that are used by the marketers to fulfill the client needs. Using bulk SMS service, information can be passed to a large audience in a short period of time. It has helped in reaching the clients, dealers, partners, and employees in the more efficient way. SMS services are efficient, cost-effective and quicker way to deal with the client interactions. This also helps in building a long-term relationship with the clients.increase Sale and Leads using Bulk SMS Marketing in Automobile Industry

Importance of Bulk SMS Services

  • Every person is having a handset and it makes sense to communicate with the clients via this channel. People use text messages more than the voice calls. As a matter of fact, 95 percent of the messages are noticed by the users. This shows the importance of SMS service.

  • You can send notifications about the newly launched vehicles and various updates about the existing vehicles.

  • You can send reminders about the vehicle service, insurance reminders etc.

  • You can send coupons, discounts, and other offers during the festive seasons.

Let us see how to Increase Leads using Bulk SMS Marketing in Automobile Industry:

Feedback Surveys

Customer feedback plays an important role in getting the stance of the customers about the brand. You can carry out the survey campaigns to get the valuable customer feedback about the product. Allow them to share their thoughts on the product and ask them what can be done to improve the services. This will improve the brand image and customer satisfaction.

Branding and Promotion

The automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industry. So it needs to be branded and promoted on a regular basis. You can send a promotional message at regular interval of time so that the customers remember you when is going to make a purchase and also make a high-end website that flaunts your vehicles and grabs the attention of the customers. You can also promote the website by sending a link of the website along with the SMS and Increase Leads using Bulk SMS Marketing in Automobile Industry. This will solve your both the purpose.

Faster and Cost Effective

Bulk SMS service is a fast and cost-effective method in reaching the clients. Bulk SMS service has the ability to reach a wide audience in a shorter interval of time. SMS has a higher response rate as more than 70 percent of the messages are checked within an hour of sending. The rate goes up to 90 percent in the next hour. Other marketing methods like Email takes 24 hours to reach that percentage or sometimes more than that.

SMS Alerts to Inform Customers

SMS alerts can be sent to the customers to give information to the customers like collecting the vehicle after servicing, warranty expiration, service reminders, special service camps and other events. Keeping the customers informed is a good way to make a healthy relationship and a strong bond with the customers.

Do more than just Marketing

Tell your customers that you care for them by sending them a personalized greeting and wishing them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversary etc. This will make the customer feel special and the customer will feel an emotional connection with the brand. The customer will be inclined to take the service from your brand and customer will feel like a part of the brand.

Sending Attractive Offers

Everyone is pulled towards the offers and discounts. So, why not take the advantage of offer and discounts in the automobile industry too. Bulk SMS service is an efficient way to notify the customers about the latest offers, festive discounts. The sales of the automotive industry have seen a boost during the festive seasons. So, it is important for the automobile companies to take the advantage by sending attractive offers via SMS.


Marketing in any industry cannot confine to the limited channels of promotion. Bulk SMS is an effective tool that has fetched results for the automobile industry. It can help in interacting with the client at every stage of the buying cycle. You can also send reminders to the clients regarding important dates like servicing, insurance renewal, collecting vehicle after servicing and many more. Every automobile industry should include the bulk SMS services to their marketing strategy in order to improve the sales and generate more leads.

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